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Green Deal support for SMEs in London

September 2012: The Energy Saving Trust (EST) are launching a new package of support to prepare SMEs based in London for the upcoming Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation (ECO).

The first part of the three stage workshops  – ‘Green Deal readiness and certification’- is a morning session and the three date options are set out below:

  • Wed 26 Sept @ Energy Saving Trust, Westminster
  • Mon 1 Oct @ Friends Meeting House, Euston
  • Thu 4 Oct @ Fairfield Halls, Croydon

The workshop will cover:

  • What is the Green Deal – outline the policy and outline how this will work
  • What opportunities does the Green Deal and ECO represent for businesses
  • What are the opportunities in London – reviewing the housing stock, potential delivery options and potential consumer demand
  • What do SMEs need to achieve Green Deal installer certification to work within the field of energy efficiency and renewables installation

Full details of all three stage workshops are detailed here.

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Additional support for RE:NEW

June 2012: The Mayor has released information highlighting that he is procuring additional consultancy support from the Energy Saving Trust (EST) for the delivery of his home energy efficiency retrofit schemes, RE:NEW.

The Mayoral approval form states that:

“Between April 2009 and the end of  March 2012 64,000 homes have been retrofitted, 17,543 tonnes CO2 per annum will have been saved and £7.3 million additional funding levered in. The budget for this programme was £7.8 million. Approval has recently been received to continue this work (with £3.3 million allocated in the GLA budget) in 2012-13. This would see RE:NEW delivery continue while funding remains to be levered in. In addition to this, it would start building up a pipeline of Green Deal assessments.

The approval highlights the shortfall in funding to London from the main national energy efficiency programme, the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT):

“The fundamental barriers to greater retrofitting activity in London are the inherent costs of retrofitting and the number of hard to treat properties in London. This makes it difficult to attract London’s fair-share of activity through the current national delivery model (CERT), let alone the level of activity needed to meet the 60% carbon reduction target by 2025. The latest data, 2009-2011, highlights how little activity London receives compared to other regions (see table below). As London represents 12.8 per cent of the UK population London lost out on an estimated £100 million in energy efficiency funding over the period.”

Cavity Wall Insulation Loft Insulation Number of homes treated Percentage of homes treated
London 54,533 89,957 131,952 4.2%
England, Scotland and Wales 1,372,307 1,727,392 2,615,980 10.0%
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Use of GIS to determine domestic energy efficiency potential

June 2012: Presentation by the Energy Saving Trust (EST) on helping overcome what EST say is the “disconnect between data managers and delivery teams when delivering retrofit schemes.”

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Local Carbon Frameworks Evaluation Published

December 2011: An EST led pilot programme for DECC “…the Local Carbon Framework (LCF) pilots programme has sought to develop demonstrable lessons about how councils can integrate measures to combat climate change into their core business. These lessons also provide a practical basis for the development of a new Council Framework for Climate Change. This Framework will seek to act as a local action plan on delivering carbon emissions, encapsulating the varying portfolios of carbon reduction measures relevant to individual or grouped councils.”

Download an Evaluation of the Local Carbon Framework Pilots here
and the Local Carbon Framework pilot: Baseline data and methodology review here.

More on the LCF can be found on DECC’s website here and the Local Government Association website here. The London Borough of Haringey was one of the 9 pilot areas, more of which can be found on the haringey2040.org.uk website.

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Local authority Green Deal delivery model

December 2011: EST financing and delivery model to enable local authorities working with the private sector, to use the incoming Green Deal legislation so as to achieve their low carbon targets across both private and social housing so creating jobs and reducing fuel poverty.

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Local authority large scale retrofit: A review of finance models

December 2011: EST guide reviewing the characteristics of the various approaches to large scale retrofit finance that are currently being developed and deployed, and to draw up a features and benefits matrix, such that any local authority can understand which model may be most appropriate for their own circumstances.

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EST Local authority funding guide

December 2011: Energy Saving Trust funding guide aimed at local authority officers who are considering developing and delivering low carbon schemes and are assessing their options for financing these projects. This guide covers a range of options and aims to highlight theopportunities available. This guide is not an exhaustive list and other options may be available.

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Analysing Options for Carbon Reduction: Housing stock refurbishment tool

November 2011: The Energy Saving Trust have developed a housing stock refurbishment calculator, which enables local authorities to input an energy efficiency profile of the housing stock in their area and to analyse options for carbon reduction.
The tool is designed to inform four key areas to help local authorities and housing stock managers justify and plan a carbon reduction scheme:
The tool is currently under development and will soon be able to offer consultancy services in modelling using the tool. For further details, please contact localdelivery@est.org.uk

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Financing model for energy efficiency retrofits

November 2011:    The Local Energy Efficiency Project (LEEP) team, which involves the Energy Saving Trust,  have been working with local authorities in the UK on a financing and delivery model for rolling out energy efficiency retrofits designed to work with private sector partners. The aim of LEEP is to create a sustainable and replicable solution that attracts commercial capital at scale for a national domestic eco-refurbishment program delivered through local authorities. A final report has just been produced which summaries the groups findings (scoll to the bottom of the  page to find reference to the report).

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Guide to Funding Low Carbon Projects for Local Authorities

18 October 2o11: New Energy Saving Trust (EST) guide outlining different sources of funding to support the development of low carbon activities, specifically energy efficiency and renewable energy retrofit measures for council-owned buildings and for the wider housing stock of all tenures, and for district energy/combined heat and power schemes.

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The 10 Pillars of Local Energy Security

July 2011: A new paper from the Local Government Information Unit (LGIU) which, in the light of the Government’s recent announcements on electricity market reform, proposes that the main responsibility for leaders in councils now is local energy security. Communities, businesses and the council itself need energy to function and the supply should be reliable and sustainable. The right energy in the right place, now and in the future.

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EST Local Energy News

12 July 2011: The latest – and what appears to be the final – issue of the Energy Saving Trust’s Local Energy News quarterly newsletter has just been published. This follows the EST having to close their ‘Practical Help’ service in England and changing many of their services offered to local authorities and housing associations. A new monthly email news bulletin it to be sent out from August – further information in the EST newsletter, downloadable here.

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