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London Green Infrastructure Taskforce details revealed

27 January 2015: The Mayor had previously announced in his draft London 2050 Infrastructure Plan that a new London Green Infrastructure Taskforce was to be established (details of which are provided on a previous post here). Membership of the Taskforce has now been revealed, as well the group’s terms of reference and minutes of their first meeting.

The purpose of the Taskforce is set out as:

“to bring together a wide range of interests and expertiseto identify how to encourage a more strategic and long-term approach to investment in and delivery of green infrastructure, which is defined as:

A network of green spaces – and features such as street trees and green roofs – that is planned, designed and managed to deliver a range of benefits, including: recreation and amenity, healthy living, mitigating flooding, improving air quality, cooling the urban environment, encouraging walking and cycling, and enhancing biodiversity and ecological resilience.

It will prepare a report advising the Mayor on the strategic issues which need to be addressed in relation to the design, management and operation of London’s green infrastructure.”

Further details of the Task Force are posted on the GLA website here. Papers from the Taskforce’s first meeting, held on 21 November 2014 – are linked below

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