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Low Carbon London

28 November 2010: Full submission proforma to Ofgem by EDF Energy for their bid into the Low Carbon Networks Fund for its  Low Carbon London project. The project is looking to develop “a new approach to distribution network management to meet growing demand from emerging low carbon technologies such as electric vehicles, heat pumps and distributed generation. It will focus on carbon reduction targets and the need to reduce dependency on conventional reinforcement.” Updates to the project are posted by Ofgem here.

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Planning for Climate Change Guidance for LAs

November 2010: The Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) along with a long list of supporting organisations have issued guidance and model policies for local authorities who wish to advance policies to tackle climate change. It draws explicitly on the Government’s draft Planning Policy Statement (PPS) on climate and energy, Consultation on a Planning Policy Statement: Planning for a Low Carbon Future in a Changing Climate, published in March 2010, and it “seeks to reflect the wide-ranging consensus which that document commanded.”

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Community energy: planning, development and delivery

November 2010:  CHPA, TCPA and LDA Design guide around practical guidance on bringing forward community energy projects. It is aimed at everyone from community groups and local authorities, through to professionals and developers.

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Carbon footprint of London’s Local Authority Procurement

November 2010: London Councils’ Capital Ambition project has funded a groundbreaking project that has identified how to reduce the carbon footprint of London’s £8 billion public procurement. The three year project, delivered by Trucost has evaluated 90% of suppliers to London local authorities, a total of over 9,000 suppliers. 29 London Borough Councils, the GLA, City of London and London’s Fire and Emergency Planning Authority have taken part in this project and have been provided with reports that detail their spend, their most carbon-intensive suppliers and provides a modelling tool specific to the authority to that details how changes to carbon use in suppliers will impact their overall supply-chain carbon use.

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UK Power Networks Long Term Development Statement

15 November 2010: Interesting information update by UK Power Networks on London’s electricity distribution network, including the challenges of accommodating increasing levels of decentralised generation on the network.

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Vauxhall Nine Elms Battersea Development

15 November 2010: VNEB Infrastructure Funding Study
has been published which includes update on the VNEB energy strategy (see November 2009 VNEB link below) and detail on the decentralised energy infrastructure.

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Environment Agency London Borough Fact Sheets

November 2010: A fact sheet documenting recent environmental trends has been produced for each of the 33 London Boroughs. These fact sheets supplement the Environment Agency’s State of the Environment Report for London.

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