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Mayor’s Draft Municipal Waste Strategy

15 October 2010: Public Consultation version of the strategy which includes proposals for an innovative new carbon standard for waste management.

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World class infrastructure for a world city

15 October 2010: London First Infrastructure Committee Report – amongst the infrastructure issues studied, the Committee presents its view on the Mayor’s decentralised energy heat network proposals.

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Mayor’s Draft Climate Change Mitigation and Energy Strategy’

14 October 2010: Public Consultation version and accompanying papers for the Mayor’s draft statutory energy and climate strategy for London. Consultation has a deadline for responses of 11 January 2011.

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DECC Regional Renewable Energy Assessment Methodology

12 October 2010: To help ensure a robust evidence base to support the deployment of renewable energy, DECC has published a renewable and low-carbon capacity assessment methodology. The evidence produced by applying the methodology will help to support local authorities and communities to make the most of opportunities for renewable energy deployment in their areas.

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Home Energy Efficiency Database (HEED)

October 2010HEED requires an account to be able to log in to (administered by the Energy Saving Trust) however the HEED website now –  for the first time –  posts CERT regional reports , which provide geographical detail on energy efficiency measures installed by suppliers.

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GLA Guidance on Planning Energy Assessments

1 October 2010: The GLA’s Guidance on Planning Energy Assessments provides detail on addressing the London Plan’s energy hierarchy through the provision of an energy assessment to accompany strategic planning applications. The purpose of an energy assessment is to demonstrate that climate change mitigation measures are integral to the scheme’s design and evolution, and that they are appropriate to the context of the development.

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