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Links to key energy and climate documents/initiatives in the 33 London Boroughs (information on some boroughs yet to be completed!)

100% of Hackney Council electricity now supplied by renewables

2 April 2020: Following on from plans set out in July 2019, and a climate emergency declaration made in June 2019, Hackney have now announced the council will be sourcing all of its electricity supplies from renewable generation. Hackney’s press release sets out that its annual £6.5m electricity bill will now go to “electricity sourced from wind and solar power”.

The Council’s strategy is to shift its energy supplies to fully renewable sources, initially via green tariffs linked to Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) – which today’s announcement relates to – with an ambition to move to supporting the development of new/additional renewable energy supplies by the council entering into longer term Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) (ie rather than sourcing green electricity from the power market, directly investing in new renewable generation through a long-term contract).

A July 2019 article by the Hackney Gazette sets out that: “Cllr Jon Burke (Lab, Woodberry Down), cabinet member for energy, laid out further ambitions to decarbonise the council’s gas demand on top of its electricity. He is also aiming to secure a contract to purchase renewable energy directly, going beyond the current arrangement which sees Hackney’s energy come with certification guaranteeing it as renewable.

“Cllr Burke said: “Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin certificates (REGOs) are a major step forward for the council in delivering our 2018 manifesto commitment to transform the way we purchase wholesale energy to increase the generation of renewable energy beyond Hackney’s borders by using our corporate spending on gas and electricity to increase investment in sources of clean energy. However, we want to go a step further by securing a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with a specific generation facility.”

A Hackney Council procurement meeting in September 2019 included a paper which provides some further details on the contract:

  • As part of the Mayor and Council’s commitment to rapidly decarbonising the full functions of the local authority, the Council switched to a minimum of 50% renewable electricity on 1 April 2019. This next step will see the Council secure 100% renewable electricity through the purchase of Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin Certificates (REGO).
  • The natural next step in the process beyond 1 April 2020 will be to explore the potential for a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with a specific generation facility. …Securing such an agreement…would demonstrate in a very visible way to the residents of Hackney that our corporate spending on renewables is contributing to the delivery of new sources of clean energy, rather than merely sending a signal to the market that more renewable energy is required, which is the role that the purchase of REGO certificates performs.

Suppliers awarded have not been announced – but an October 2019 procurement paper sets out the sums awarded (point 7).

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Ealing Southall Climate Crisis Summit

January 2020: Good to see Ealing Southall MP Vivendra Sharma is organising a climate change summit on the afternoon of Saturday 18 January at the Dominion Centre, Southhall. The summit will be “discussing why we need fundamental change and how we will achieve it. Across panel discussions, group activities and Q&A sessions, we will also be hearing from those climate campaigners who are leading the fight against the ecological disaster facing us.”

Ealing Council is one of the 26 London local authorities (to date) to declare a ‘Climate Emergency’ – which was agreed at the Council’s April 2019 meeting. A July 2019 council paper sets out some immediate priorities following the signing of the declaration (appendices to which are posted here), and further actions are also set out in a Cabinet meeting paper of October 2019).

Local community group, Ealing Transition, has been hugely successful by working with Schools Energy Co-op in deploying a number of solar projects on schools across the borough, details of which are set out in a presentation provided to Community Energy London in September 2019.

Full details and registration details of the Ealing Climate Crisis Summit event are on the following Eventbrite page.

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Waltham Forest the first Council to install the first permanent City Trees in London

31 December 2019: Interesting story issued on the last day of the year from Waltham Forest Borough announcing that it is to be the first council to have “permanently installed two City Trees in Leytonstone. CityTree is a free-standing outdoor air cleaning system that uses the power of biotechnology to emulate the pollution-reduction benefits of 275 urban trees.

The press release goes on to provide some further detail on the CityTree, which is apparently a “… self-sustaining structure that contains a water tank, with automatic irrigation and plant sensors all powered by on board solar panels and batteries. The different types of moss bind environmental toxins such as particulate matter and nitrogen oxides while at the same time producing oxygen. Cutting-edge integrated technology can deliver comprehensive information on air filtering performance and status as well as environmental data on the CityTree’s surroundings.”

There’s no image of what this technology look’s like on the news release – but Westminster Council ran a pilot earlier this year – which includes a picture of what the CityTree looks like – which can be seen on AirQuality News’s website here, which also states the “technology has previously been trialled in Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam and Oslo. It is being supplied in the UK by green technology firm Evergen Systems.”

A blog on the Evergen website sets out some pretty remarkable results of 2018 field tests undertaken in Delhi, where it has also been installed. There’s not much detailed data at the moment that I can find out on the CityTree, but I’m sure the recently appointed Waltham Forest Climate Emergency Committee, which I sit on, will be examining CityTree at a forthcoming meeting.

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Greater London Authority

The Mayor’s Climate Change Mitigation and Energy Annual Report – March 2014
Mayor’s response to the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s consultation on a redefinition of fuel poverty – December 2012
London Environment Dashboard
London Renewable Energy Study – January 2012
London Climate Change Mitigation and Energy Strategy –  October 2011
London Climate Change Adaptation Strategy – October 2011
Decentralised Energy pages
Consultation on London’s Housing Strategy – September 2011
The London Plan: London’s Spatial Strategy – July 2011
London’s Assembly’s Response to the Mayor’s Draft Climate Mitigation and Energy Strategy – March 2011
Mayor’s Draft Municipal Waste Strategy – October 2010
Mayor’s Draft Climate Change Mitigation and Energy Strategy’ – October 2010
Climate Change chapter of the Mayor’s Transport Strategy – May 2010
London Assembly Environment Reports

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Environmental Policy – A Greener City-Suburb 2008/9 – 2011/12 – December 2007
Supplementary Planning Document Sustainable Design and Construction – June 2007. Includes specific guidance in relation to planning applications on efficient energy use, generation and use of renewable energy sources as well as on climate change adaptation.
Planning permissions granted for renewable energy 2009/10 – see Table 26 of Barnet’s Annual Monitoring Report

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Barking & Dagenham

Carbon Management Plan 2011/12 – 2015/16 (July 2012)
Combating climate change webpage
Barking Town Centre Energy Action Area
Barking Town Centre Energy Action Area Low Carbon Options paper (September 2005) and Implemention Plan – August 2006
Barking and Dagenham Energy Strategy – Septebmer 2005
Barking District heating study technical study and business case
Barking and Dagenham Draft Climate Change Strategy – December 2009
Barking Low Carbon Zone
Barking Low Carbon Zone Green Homes Guide
Barking and Dagenham Greenhouse Gas Emissions for the period 1 April 2010 to 31 March 2011

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Bexley Evidence Base for Carbon Reduction Policies – March 2010
Bexley Climate Change Strategy – April 2008
Bexley Sustainable Design and Construction guide – October 2007

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Brent Climate Change Task Group Report 2011
Brent – Fuel Poverty and the impact it has on health February 2011
Brent Climate Change Action Plan December 2009
Brent Climate Change Communications Strategy December 2009
Brent Climate Change Strategy November 2009

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Bromley’s Carbon Footprint Progress Report 2010 -11 – July 2011
Bromley Discounted Insulation Scheme – London Warm Zone

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Camden Green Deal webpage and mailing list
Camden 40% carbon reduction target – report by Carbon Descent (September 2010)

Camden Retrofitting Planning Guidance “sets out a range of measures that householders can carry out and explains the necessary planning consents that are required for these works.” The guide is detailed and provides case studies of some typical properties in the borough that would be suitable for retrofitting, and then outlines which measures would be permitted and which would require additional consultation with the council.

Camden Climate Change Alliance better climate for Camden initiative
Camden Climate Change webpage (including a Youtube post of what Camden might be like in the future as a result of climate change).
Camden Energy Advice website

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City of London

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LDF Evidence Base – Croydon Climate Change Technical Paper (March 2012)
Summary of Croydon’s Carbon Management & Energy Efficiency Programme (February 2012)
Croydon’s Climate Change Strategy and Climate Change Action Plan (including 2011 updates)
Details of Croydon District Energy Scheme June 2010
Croydon ‘Sustainable City’ brochure – June 2010
Croydon Decentralised Energy Study December 2009
Energy and environmental strategy 2008-2012 – October 2009
District energy in Croydon webpage
Towards a low carbon economy webpage
Carbon Trust Local authorities case study – Croydon power ahead in the struggle to cut carbon (March 2011)
Croydon carbon managament energy efficiency programme (2010 – 2015)
Croydon climate change adaptation action plan
State of the environment report 2010
Croydon Greenhouse Gas Emission Reports 2009/10 & 2010/11

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