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London Carbon Scenarios to 2026

November 2006: London Energy Partnership report which models a variety of ‘stretch’ carbon scenarios that over the next 20 years would set London on the path to a 60% carbon dioxide reduction pathway.

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London Wind & Biomass Study

November 2006: This study commissioned by the London Energy Partnership evaluates the feasibility of large-scale wind and biomass plant, the main non-building integrated renewable energy technologies relevant to London.
Addtional studies also posted at the above link include:

  • Biomass Report
  • Wind Guidance Notes
  • Wind Study Phase One
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Investing in London’s Low Carbon Future

November 2006: This report builds upon previous work for the London Energy Partnership Green Fund Task Group. It identifies a number of delivery mechanisms to generate the £8.5 billion investment required to deliver London’s carbon reduction targets.

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