Local Carbon Frameworks Evaluation Published

December 2011: An EST led pilot programme for DECC “…the Local Carbon Framework (LCF) pilots programme has sought to develop demonstrable lessons about how councils can integrate measures to combat climate change into their core business. These lessons also provide a practical basis for the development of a new Council Framework for Climate Change. This Framework will seek to act as a local action plan on delivering carbon emissions, encapsulating the varying portfolios of carbon reduction measures relevant to individual or grouped councils.”

Download an Evaluation of the Local Carbon Framework Pilots here
and the Local Carbon Framework pilot: Baseline data and methodology review here.

More on the LCF can be found on DECC’s website here and the Local Government Association website¬†here.¬†The London Borough of Haringey was one of the 9 pilot areas, more of which can be found on the haringey2040.org.uk website.

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