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Major funding secured for planned Enfield Heat Network

June 2020: Press release from Amber Infrastructure, fund manager for the Mayor’s Energy Efficiency Fund (MEEF), announcing that MEEF “has provided £15 million to the London Borough of Enfield to part-finance the construction of their Meridian Water Heat Network which will supply over 10,000 new homes with better value, environmentally friendly energy as well as providing funding for the extension to some of Enfield’s existing networks.” Importantly, this money has been matched fund by the Government’s Heat Networks Investment Project (‘HNIP’), managed by Triple Point. Energetik, Enfield Council’s heat network company managing this project, state that this project will be the first in the UK to match HNIP and MEEF funds,

The heat supplied to the network will use waste heat from the planned Edmonton Energy Recovery Facility at the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) EcoPark from 2026 onwards, which has just received permission on on Thursday 25 June when councillors on the NLWA approved plans to let bidders come forward to construct the facility.

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Merton Net Zero Study

June 2020: Merton Council have commissioned a study to better understand the borough’s existing greenhouse gas impact and decarbonisation pathways to achieve its net zero carbon target. The report sets out “Merton Council declared a climate emergency in July 2019 and set carbon reduction targets to decarbonise the Council by 2030 and the borough by 2050. To underpin the development of Merton’s Climate Strategy & Action Plan, Merton Council commissioned a series of products including greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories for the borough and council, decarbonisation pathways to reach the targets, and means to track progress towards the targets.” Read the full report here.

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Richmond – Plan for greener new developments approved

1 June 2020: A newly updated sustainability checklist that aims to help developers make new developments as green as possible has been approved by Richmond Council. The Sustainable Construction Checklist Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) is an update to the existing SPD, which was last revised in 2016. It gives housebuilders and those developing non-residential spaces a clear steer on what is expected of them to reduce the environmental impact of their developments, regardless of whether their projects are new builds, conversions or extensions. Full details set out on press release here.

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Hackney carbon strategy plans

1 June 2020: A FOI request has been submitted to Hackney Council asking for details on a number of areas of the council’s carbon action plan – the answer to which provides a useful summary of the areas of work including the council’s carbon offset policy, its green energy strategy, and a list of projects that have contributed carbon offset payments. Read the full FOI here.

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