The Electric City

December 2012: Following last week’s LSE Cities ‘Electric City’ conference which took place at the fascinating ‘Former Shoreditch Electricity Generating Station & Refuse Destructor’ some material have been posted online.

  • A series of essays on the theme Electric City have been brought together in a publication for the conference which can be downloaded here. There’s not much specifically on London’s energy challenges, but the Global Problems: City Solutions contribution highlights an interesting point suggesting that “According to some reports, urban regions already produce ten times more renewable technologies patents than rural regions.”
  • A selection of video interviews from the conference are posted on Youtube
  • And the Guardian has posted a series of ‘exclusive data visualisations’ from the conference which includes ‘Unpacking London: energy & pollution’ highlighting that “Three quarters of London’s energy consumption is fueled directly by oil and gas, with the vast majority of the remainder generated by fossil-fuel-powered electricity. Just 2.1% comes either direct from waste and renewables or from renewably-generated electricity.”
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