The ECO-Brokerage part 2

December 2012: No information as yet from DECC on when further details on the ECO brokerage will be released (see earlier post – The ECO brokerage – on this). There has however been a little information on the brokerage from a couple of sources which are worth mentioning:

  • An Inside Housing story stating that “The vast majority of social landlords will be excluded from the first sustainability auction for energy company obligation funding to improve the energy efficiency of homes.”
  • And a recent consultation by Ofgem on the ECO mentions that the regulator will have “no role in administering the ECO Brokerage and this Guidance does not address the brokerage or its administrative requirements. However we recognise that, on occasion, suppliers may seek credit for measures obtained through this platform. In order for such measures to be considered eligible under ECO, their installation, reporting and notification (etc) should be demonstrably compliant with the Order and this Guidance. For further information on the ECO Brokerage Mechanism please contact”

DECC held an ECO brokerage workshop with PWC yesterday – where the software for the ‘ebay’ style online auction platform was trialled.  Hopefully some further information will be released shortly…

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