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Estimating the Potential of Energy Efficiency Jobs in London

16 March 2011: The Energy Saving Trust (EST) have just published Home Truths (press release and report) highlighting the significant economic benefits that can be delivered by supporting aggressive energy efficiency programmes.  These include initiatives such as insulating all remaining fillable lofts and cavities and replacing all G rated gas boilers with modern condensing boilers and heating controls. The report calculates the projected economic benefit of tackling the problem at three levels of ambition (L1: Lofts and cavity walls, L2: Insulation plus boiler replacement and L3: Advanced refurbishment), and breaks these figures down by region. The London estimates range from L1: 12,500 jobs and a GVA of £563m to L2: 17,800 jobs and £836m GVA. EST state that L3 regional figures are not estimated as yet.

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Green Expectations: London jobless set to benefit from environmental initiatives

13 September 2010: Green Expectations sets out London’s low carbon job prospects from 2008/09 to 2012/13. The report’s key findings include:

  • Job Growth in London’s low carbon sector, particularly in renewable energy, is forecast to exceed all other sectors in the next two years.
  • In 2008/09 approximately 100,000 people were employed in the low carbon sector in London, and by 2013 18,000 new jobs will be created.
  • An estimated 2,200 of these net new jobs in the low carbon sector will be accessible to workless or low-skilled Londoners.
  • The current skills profile of the sector is characterised by high skills with more than one in two employees having a degree. However, a quarter of all jobs in the sector currently require skills at Level 2 and below.
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Low Carbon Skills for London’

June 2010:  LDA commissioned research focused on those sub-sectors that are related to the carbon reduction programme and LDA intervention. These sub-sectors generate a sales turnover of £13.5 billion, and employ around 100,000 employees. The largest of these sub-sectors sectors are the geothermal and wind energy sub-sectors. Sectors showing the greatest levels of growth are photovoltaic, wind and building technology.
Consensus view forecasts up to 2013 show that the low carbon sector as a whole is expected to grow at above average trend2. Wind energy is expected to grow at around 5% per annum; photovoltaic and biomass at over 4% per annum and recovery and recycling and waste management growing at between 2- 3% per annum. Applying these levels of growth to current employment levels suggest that London’s low carbon sector would need a further 18,000 employees by 2013. This would take employment in the sector to around 120,000 employees by 2013

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The Low Carbon Capital – Narrative and Action Plan

May 2010: From high level estimates London could attract between £40bn to £140bn of investment spend in low carbon and create a workforce of up to 225,000 people over the coming decades. Read the LDA summary report and full Ernst and Study analysis for the LDA here.

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London as a Leader in the Low Carbon Economy

11 December 2009: London Councils and the Government Office for London (GOL) commissioned consultants to look into the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for London in the emerging ‘Low Carbon Economy’ ahead of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. URS Corporation’s report ‘London as a Leader in the Low Carbon Economy’ was intended to support the transition to a ‘low carbon economy’, and to feed into the comprehensive London-wide ‘action plan’ that the LDA commissioned to determine London’s economic opportunities as a ‘Low Carbon Capital’.


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London Assembly – On leading the capital’s transition to a low carbon economy

July 2009: The London Assembly have responded to the Mayor’s Low Carbon Capital Prospectus, calling on the Mayor to show greater ambition in leading the capital’s transition to a low carbon economy. It says London low carbon must be at the heart of the Mayor’s work to support and develop the economy. The response is based on discussion with a range of experts and previous investigations into topics including home insulation and on-the-go recycling.

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Prospectus for London – the Low Carbon Capital

March 2009: Ernst & Young analysis presented within this report for the LDA sets out the opportunity for London to become a leading ‘Low Carbon Capital’ by winning a share of global forecast spend on the low carbon economy. Read the full report here.

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Skills for a Low Carbon London Summary Report and Recommendations

March 2007London Energy Partnership summary report highlights the fact that national and regional policy and initiatives will require additional jobs and skills in many different sectors.

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