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2040 Net Zero Carbon London

January 2021: An open event organised by the Central London Energy Management Group (CLEMG) to be held on Thursday 18 February 2021 at 4pm which will will focus on the City of London and their plans to decarbonise. Full event registration details on eventbrite. The City of London Corporation published their detailed Climate Action Plan in October 2020 and is available to download here.

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“Southwark takes strides towards sustainable energy”

19 January 2021: Southwark press release announcing that the “Council today confirmed that all of the electricity in its offices and buildings, from the Town Hall to day centres and park huts, in addition to all of its street lighting, is now powered by 100 per cent renewable energy. Southwark is leading the way by ensuring that, as the largest council landlord in London, it is moving to more sustainable energy sources. Southwark Council’s electricity power source is changing to wind and solar farms, away from dirty fossil fuels, like coal.” The press release goes on to say that “Southwark Council is also working on renewable energy options for its schools and will be reaching out about this in a few months’ time.” No information is provided on the contract arrangements of this new renewable energy deal – however an August 2020 council paper ‘Contract Award Approval – Supply of gas and electricity to Southwark Council‘ sets out the detail – which includes:

  • On 7 April 2020, Southwark’s Cabinet agreed for the council to use the London Energy Project (LEP)/Laser framework agreement for the supply of gas and electricity to the council”
  • The Council has approved “the use of the Renewables Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) backed ‘green’ tariff for Corporate Estate (Schools, Civic Buildings, Street Lighting etc.), as part of the council’s commitment to carbon reduction”
  • The premium for green electricity at this time is between £0.40 and £0.50 MWh for each REGO volume that is 100% renewable backed. The estimated annual financial impact of sourcing green REGO-backed electricity based
  • on current consumption volumes is £10,000. This would cover the council’s corporate estate, including schools and community buildings.
  • With regards to a green source of gas; this is not available at the moment in either the quantity, or the price that makes it a viable option for the council’s estate. This element will be reviewed within the annual performance reporting as the situation develops.
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Climate and The City

1 January 2021: Good to see the Lord Mayor of London highlight the role the ‘City’ will have to play in terms of tackling climate change this coming year.

The City of London has recently adopted a Climate Action Strategy and undertook a number of innovative actions in 2020 – including securing a long terms renewable power purchase agreement (PPA).

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LGA launches report to help councils tackle climate change

21 August 2020: “The LGA, which represents councils in England and Wales, has worked closely with the Centre for Public Scrutiny and has published a guide to help councils play a leading role in tackling the climate crisis at a local level. The resource, which sets out 10 scrutiny questions, will help all councils and policymakers to embed the necessary environmental, social and cultural changes that communities need to see to build resilience to respond to climate challenges such as investment strategies and transport plans.

The guide can be downloaded here and is a useful read setting out comprehensive suggestions on routes to develop a robust climate emergency plan including how future scrutiny of plans can be undertaken; including the local community and how to best engage the public in the plan; planning the involvement of local businesses, partners and employers to understand the local growth context. The 10 questions framing the report are as follows:

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Hackney Council pledges £25m to tackle climate emergency

27 July 2020: “One year on from its motion declaring a climate emergency, Hackney Council is dedicating £25m towards the fight against climate change. The funding, which is being spent across Council departments, is aimed at ensuring its ambitious commitments to net zero emissions across all functions by 2040 and a 45% reduction on 2010 levels by 2030 are embedded throughout the borough and in the day-to-day running of Council services.” Read the full press release here.

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Merton Net Zero Study

June 2020: Merton Council have commissioned a study to better understand the borough’s existing greenhouse gas impact and decarbonisation pathways to achieve its net zero carbon target. The report sets out “Merton Council declared a climate emergency in July 2019 and set carbon reduction targets to decarbonise the Council by 2030 and the borough by 2050. To underpin the development of Merton’s Climate Strategy & Action Plan, Merton Council commissioned a series of products including greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories for the borough and council, decarbonisation pathways to reach the targets, and means to track progress towards the targets.” Read the full report here.

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Hackney carbon strategy plans

1 June 2020: A FOI request has been submitted to Hackney Council asking for details on a number of areas of the council’s carbon action plan – the answer to which provides a useful summary of the areas of work including the council’s carbon offset policy, its green energy strategy, and a list of projects that have contributed carbon offset payments. Read the full FOI here.

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Harrow Climate Emergency Update

19 March 2020: A wide ranging Harrow Council Cabinet paper ‘The Climate and Ecological Emergency – Interim Strategy and Action Plan‘ providing background to why the council has declared a climate emergency and sets out the challenge for the borough in terms of the level of emissions it is trying to reduce. Work undertaken to date to develop Harrow’s Proposed Strategic Framework for their forthcoming climate action plan has identified the following themes: Clean Energy Used Efficiently, Zero Emission Transport, a waste-free borough, Healthy Places for Us and the Rest of Nature, Good Governance and Long Term Sustainability, Ecoliterate and Engaged Communities, and a socially just transition. Read the full paper here.

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