Proposals for a North London Decentralised Energy Network

August 2011: Enfield have released their plans for the development of one of the largest “green developments in the country“. The Meridian Water development aims to create 5,000 new homes, 3,000 new jobs, three schools, a nursery, doctors’ surgery, shops, parks, open spaces, leisure facilities, a police drop in centre and significant improvements to transport links on the 90 hectare site at the heart of the Upper Lee Valley. As well as playing a major part in regenerating Edmonton and its surrounding areas, the £1.3 billion project aims to be low carbon, becoming one of the main hubs within the proposed North London Decentralised Energy Network.

Details are set out in Enfield’s Meridian Water Masterplan Consultation document which set outs that:
“Meridian Water presents an extraordinary opportunity for a site-wide district heating network which takes advantage of the proposals for a Borough wide decentralised energy network that builds on the infrastructure assets of the Lee Valley. The nearby energy centres and industrial corridor creates the prime opportunity to capture the released heat from these operations to deliver secure, low cost, low carbon energy and heating to businesses and homes in Meridian Water and beyond.”

The deadline for response to the consultation document is 5th September 2011

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