Green Deal delivery plan for Barnet proposed

3 December 2012: Energise Barnet CIC, a social enterprise, has submitted a plan to Barnet Council to create £200 million of social, economic and environmental benefit through the installation of energy saving measures and renewables in 40,000 homes and buildings. Further details are on the following Energise Barnet press release.

Energise Barnet were awarded funding last year from Barnet’s Big Society Innovation Bank to help develop the proposal, and were also selected as a Pitch Pledge initiative (for which, see further information here and here).

Barnet highlighted earlier this year (see Q37) that it had “fully participated in both the Mayoral Group for London Councils and the Future of London research project on the Green Deal. It has used this involvement to enable an internal scoping process to take place on how it can best engage with the forthcoming national Green Deal agenda. From May 2012 the Council will begin work on preparing an Outline Business Case to explore and consider the way in which the Council might support the market to promote uptake ofthe Green Deal amongst local residents.”

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