Electric Vehicles – Making the Connection

30 June 2011: The Department for Transport launched its Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Strategy today stating its vision on charging that”We want to see the majority of recharging taking place at home, at night, after the peak in electricity demand. Home recharging should be supported by workplace recharging for commuters and fleets, with a targeted amount of public infrastructure where it will be most used, allowing people to make the journeys they want” and that...¬†an extensive public recharging infrastructure would be underutilised and uneconomic. We want public infrastructureto be targeted at key destinations, where consumers need it, such as supermarkets, retail centres and car parks, with a focused amount of on-street infrastructure, particularly for residents without off-street parking.” One of the eight Plugged in Places projects currently going ahead around the country piloting the roll-out of recharging infrastructure, is in London – ¬†further information on which is at sourcelondon.net

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