LDF Evidence Base – Croydon Climate Change Technical Paper (March 2012)
Summary of Croydon’s Carbon Management & Energy Efficiency Programme (February 2012)
Croydon’s Climate Change Strategy and Climate Change Action Plan (including 2011 updates)
Details of Croydon District Energy Scheme June 2010
Croydon ‘Sustainable City’ brochure – June 2010
Croydon Decentralised Energy Study December 2009
Energy and environmental strategy 2008-2012 – October 2009
District energy in Croydon webpage
Towards a low carbon economy webpage
Carbon Trust Local authorities case study – Croydon power ahead in the struggle to cut carbon (March 2011)
Croydon carbon managament energy efficiency programme (2010 – 2015)
Croydon climate change adaptation action plan
State of the environment report 2010
Croydon Greenhouse Gas Emission Reports 2009/10 & 2010/11

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