Update on LEEF

February 2012: A quick update on the London Energy Efficiency Fund (LEEF)

  • The Fund has £100m to invest in energy efficiency retrofit to public sector-owned / occupied buildings
  • LEEF is also able to invest through private / joint venture entities (such as ESCOs or landlords) delivering energy efficiency works
  • Loan rates and terms are extremely flexible and competitive

You can benefit from LEEF if:

  • You are undertaking a refurbishment programme / retrofit project in a London-located public / voluntary sector building (such as a university, museum, hospital, school, local authority, social housing provider, etc)
  • Your works will deliver in the region of 20% energy saving / carbon benefits
  • Your funding requirement is at least £1m; ideally between £3m and £20m

Further information at www.leef.co.uk

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