The Mayor states national energy policy “in chaos”

November 2012: Further to his points made on fuel poverty and energy efficiency at last week’s Mayoral Question Time session, the Mayor also made some forthright statements on the current state of the UK’s energy policy (see page 44 of session transcript here ).

” I happen to think that the energy  policy of this country is in chaos at the moment and we need to sort it out.

“…prices are going up but supply is increasingly insecure.”

“It is pretty obvious to everybody that the current strategy is incoherent.

“We seem to  be going for more and more wind farms which are not actually doing the job.”

The Mayor stated that such concerns led to the convening of his first ‘electricity summit’ earlier this month and to the formation of  a ‘High-level Working Group with the energy industry to examine infrastructure and investment issues in relation to London’s current and future energy needs. The group’s work will begin in January 2013.
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