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Latest funding details on RE:NEW and RE:CONNECT

8 September 2011: Details have just been released by the GLA of the funding to two key Mayoral low carbon activities, RE:NEW (improving the energy efficiency of homes) and RE:CONNECT (supporting the roll out of 10 Low Carbon Zones in London). Also recently released are details of the ODA funding to the GLA to roll-out  retrofit projects RE:NEW and RE:FIT across the Olympic boroughs. This is to compensate for shortfall in CO2 emissions as a result of the key renewable feature of the Olympics – a wind turbine – failing to go ahead. The ODA are hence allowing funding of £1.7m to retrofit homes and schools within the host boroughs of Hackney, Newham, Tower Hamlets, and Waltham Forest. The primary objective of the project is to deliver 1,300 tonnes of CO2 savings per annum through energy efficiency measures persisting for a lifetime of 10 years.

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Olympics Drops Full Carbon-Offset Plan

2 September 2011: Bloomberg have reported on how the Olympics will now not use international emissions trading programmes to help account for the entire CO2 emissions associated with the construction and operation of the 2012 games.  BP Target Neutral will however continue to develop carbon offset programmes to help account for game-time related emissions for the period of the Olympics and Paralympic games.

Further information on approaches taken by the Olympics to reduce emissions are set out in the London 2012 Sustainability Report and the Olympics Carbon Footprint Study.

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Delivering a sustainable games

August 2011: Interview posted on The Guardian’s website with the Olympic’s sustainability team on the environmental challenges in terms of delivering the games and the lessons learned on the carbon mitigation initiatives taken forward.

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Energy Minister Visits Olympic Energy Centre

August 2011: Energy Minister Charles Hendry visited the Olympic Park and the park’s Energy Centre which provides power to the main venues in park. The Energy Centre uses both biomass and a natural gas powered Combined Cooling Heat & Power (CCHP) which is 30 percent more efficient than traditional power generation methods. The CCHP system is designed to allow for future increases in capacity – to a maximum load of 120 MW heating, 25 MW cooling and 17 MW of low carbon electricity – enough to power 100,000 homes.

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New Hackney Waste to Energy Plant proposed

August 2011: An article in this weekend’s Hackney Citizen highlights the recent consultation by Tower Hamlets on the Fish Island Area Action Plan (AAP), which includes consideration of a new waste to energy plant.
The Fish Island AAP states: “The Council requires a new waste management facility in the Borough to handle approximately 150,000 tonnes of waste per annum and is exploring the potential to use emerging technologies to generate energy from the waste.” and that
“There is an opportunity to develop a new green waste to energy facility in Fish Island south” which could be connected to “the waste management facility to the Olympic Energy Centre to create an area-based zero or low carbon energy network for new developments in Fish Island.”
The article goes on to quote London Assembly’s Darren Johnson who says of the proposal:  “We need to look at new ways of dealing with waste as we cannot continue sending it off to landfill sites outside London. But getting the right sort of technology is absolutely vital. Mass burn incinerators are an outdated polluting technology and we certainly don’t want to see any more of those in London. There is a role for more sophisticated energy from waste plants, particularly anaerobic digestion which produces green energy from food waste.”
The consultation includes a specific question on the proposal asking: Do you agree with the principle of a borough waste to energy facility located in Fish Island? If so, how should a site be identified? – however  this phase of consultation finished on 15 July 2011.

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Commission statement on Low Carbon Energy for the Games

5 August 2011: “We have advised LOCOG to draw a clear distinction between how they report new and existing low carbon supply sources, making it clear what has been commissioned for the Games, and what is existing low carbon generation. Where the Games are to be supplied from existing sources, the supplier’s other customers will be supplied with less, having no net impact on the environment.” Read the full statement from the ‘Commission for a Sustainable London 2012’ here.

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Olympian effort made to get utilities ready for the Olympics

August 2011: Utility Week feature article looking at the efforts to provide low carbon heat and power to the Olympics.

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Preventing Blackouts during the 2012 Games

7 July 2011: Daily Mail story today which highlighted comments from Sports and Olympics minister Hugh Robertson who ” disclosed that London would have to boost its electricity supply to prevent possible blackouts during the Games. ‘There has been some worry that the energy system in London might not be resilient enough to cope with the huge demand,’ he said. ‘We have concluded an agreement to upgrade the energy capacity of all the circuits that service the Olympics so you don’t get a sudden problem.’

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London 2012 Sustainability Report: A blueprint for change

20 April 2011: London 2012 has issued its first full sustainability report, covering the whole London 2012 programme for the calendar year 2010.

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London 2012 issues first sustainability report

20 Apr 2011: The Olympics first full sustainability report has been issued, covering the whole London 2012 programme for the calendar year 2010, and includes an update on the games progress to utilise renewable energy.

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Homes to be insulated around the Olympic’s site

8 April 2011 London Assembly Member Darren Johnson on proposals to help reduce CO2 emissions related to the Olympics by insulating homes in neighbouring boroughs through the Mayor’s RENEW programme.

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Olympic Park to provide green power to Stratford homes and businesses

30 Mar 2011: LDA report on their funding of £480,000 to install hot water pipework connecting the energy centres on the Olympic Park and Stratford City through to Stratford High Street and beyond. Read the full LDA news release here.

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