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Institute of Fiscal Studies Winter Fuel Payments Research

8 June 2011: Two papers published today (link to press release) by the Institute for Fiscal Studies show that:

  • Households receiving the winter fuel payment are almost 14 times as likely to spend the money on fuel than would have been the case had their incomes been increased in other ways;
  • But in very cold weather it remains the case that the poorest pensioners cut back on spending on food to finance the additional cost of heating their homes.

IFS reports Cash by any other name? Evidence on labelling from the UK Winter Fuel Payment and Is there a “heat or eat” trade-off in the UK?

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National Debtline has seen a 180 per cent increase in callers with fuel debts over the last four years

12 May 2011: Debt advice charity the Money Advice Trust is warning consumers to pay close attention to their fuel costs after witnessing a rise in the number of people with fuel debts seeking advice. Since 2007 National Debtline, which is run by the Money Advice Trust, has seen a 181 per cent increase in the number of people advised who carry fuel debts. Just over the last twelve months the charity has seen ten per cent more people calling in with fuel debts.

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Bright future for Arcola Energy

June 2012: “A fuel cell technology business is the last thing that you might expect to find at a small, independent theatre, but Arcola Energy is full of surprises.” Daily Telegraph piece on fascinating initiative launched by the Dalston-based organisation.

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