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Community Energy in London – Question Time

October 2015: Planned first get together of all London’s community energy groups!
Where – City Hall.
When – Thursday 12 November 6 – 9pm. More info here.
Energy for London is helping organise – and looking forward to see there:

and also Merton Power, Vauxhall Power, Streatham Power…and more!

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Resilience to climate change: who pays (and who benefits)?

October 2015: A Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) and Royal Geographical Society event taking place on the evening of 17 November 2015 exploring community resilience and adaptation to climate change. Chairing the event will be Alex Nickson, Strategy Manager, Climate Change Adaptation, Greater London Authority (and lead on the Mayor’s London Climate Change Adaptation Strategy). Full details on how to register are posted here.

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Slam Climate Change

June 2014: An interesting report in Independent that:

“…scientists are being told to use art and poetry to win public support in the battle to curb climate change. Dame Julia Slingo, the chief scientist at the Met Office, has called for a radical overhaul of the way climate scientists go about their business, arguing that they need to make their reports less turgid and more engaging.
“We have to look increasingly at what society requires of us… We increasingly recognise that to reach the general public we have to use all sorts of different channels of communication,” Dame Julia told a recent gathering of leading climate change scientists at the University of Exeter.
“And it’s not through tables and graphs. Sometimes it is through art, through music, through poetry, and storytelling and that is increasingly something we have to think about – how we communicate in a more humanist way.”

With this in mind, its interesting to see that an event took place over the weekend in Hackney, as part of a programme called The Spark, entitled ‘Using hip-hop and music to empower communities and tackle Climate Change’, and earlier this year the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change held a novel poetry slam ‘Rhyme & Reason: Reflections on Climate Change‘ evening (poster below), performances from which can be seen here – and additional details of the night here.

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