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Going Green – How cities are leading the next economy

October 2012: LSE Cities report providing  an up-to-date overview on the experiences of how cities around the world are making the transition to the green economy.

The report sets out that London is a leading ‘electric vehicle pioneer’ [p85] stating that “Over the last decade, London has become a prominent leader in progressive transport policies and is globally recognized for introducing congestion charging, the upgrading of public transport and more recently the promotion of cycling. These policies have contributed to a steady drop in car ownership across London, from an average of 0.81 cars per household in 1995 to 0.76in 2011. The city has also seen the introduction of about 2,300 electric vehicles, the largest number in any city to date, and for has been leading on the development of charging infrastructure for over five years.”

The report can be downloaded from the LSE cities website here.

Further information on the promotion of EV’s in London can be obtained through Source London and Mayor’s Electric Vehicles Delivery Plan. Progress on EVs in London was set out in a response to a recent mayoral question:

  • It remains my aspiration that London be the electric vehicle capital of Europe with 100,000 EVs as soon as possible. London is already making good progress towards achieving this and is recognised as a leader in this area.
  • The Source London EV charging network – already the largest network in the UK – has around 700 charge points and is on target to have 1,300 by 2013, providing confidence for the growing EV market. This sits alongside grant support for home charging units with an offer due to launch in June.
  • There are currently 2,400 electric vehicles and 27,500 hybrid vehicles registered in Greater London – some 16% and 23% respectively of all such vehicles registered in the UK – and these figures continue to grow. TfL are pro-actively working with the Energy Saving Trust to target fleets operating in London to boost their uptake of EVs.
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Energy & Climate Questions to the Mayor

June 2012: This month the Mayor has been asked questions in relation to: whether the Mayor will look to establish a London energy cooperative; an update on the Mayor’s carbon reduction policies; whether the Mayor will move to developing a single environment strategy; the Mayor’s activities on supporting electric vehicles in the capital; list of buildings under the RE:FIT scheme; an update on the number of homes treated under RE:NEW; delivery of RE:NEW to the over 60s; and jobs created under the Mayor’s RE:NEW and RE:FIT programmes.

Previous questions to the Mayor can be found here.

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Energy and Climate Questions to the Mayor

May 2012: This month the Mayor has been asked questions in relation to:
Carbon savings achieved under RE:NEW; the number of homes treated to date under RE:NEW;  timetable for the formal evaluation of RE:NEW; access to the the Mayor’s climate change strategy data; the use of the London Energy Efficiency Fund to support energy efficiency in social housing; data on achievements under RE:NEW; information on Phase II of  RE:NEW and also delivery of the programme to older people; the Centre for Carbon Measurement; the Mayor’s commitments to his environment commitments; details on whether the Mayor will update other London environment strategies; the number of homes which will not reach the Decent Homes standard by April 2015; the funding of Decent Homes now it has moved under the Mayor’s control; Hybrid Buses target as set out in the Mayor’s Electric Delivery vehicle plan and the number of buildings treated under the RE:FIT programme.

Previous questions to the Mayor can be found here.

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The Big Switch

25 July 2011: London Assembly member Mike Tuffrey outlines his new initiative launched today to convert London’s buses, taxis and light goods vehicles to electric power by 2020.

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Increasing electric vehicles in the capital

5 July 2011: Next week, the London Assembly Environment Committee will look at the Mayor’s plans to develop an electric vehicle network in the capital and its potential environmental benefits. The Mayor’s original Electric Vehicle Delivery Plan committed to delivering 100,000 electric vehicles in London as soon as possible; 25,000 charge points by 2015 and 1,000 electric vehicles in the Greater London Authority fleet by 2015. Revisions to the plans now include delivering at least 1,300 charging points by 2013. Yet, there are only 17,000 hybrid and all-electric vehicles being used in Greater London at the moment.
Next week’s meeting will take place on Tuesday, 12 July from 10am in the Chamber at City Hall (The Queen’s Walk, London SE1). Media and members of the public are invited to attend.  The meeting can also be viewed via webcast.

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Electric Vehicles – Making the Connection

30 June 2011: The Department for Transport launched its Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Strategy today stating its vision on charging that”We want to see the majority of recharging taking place at home, at night, after the peak in electricity demand. Home recharging should be supported by workplace recharging for commuters and fleets, with a targeted amount of public infrastructure where it will be most used, allowing people to make the journeys they want” and that... an extensive public recharging infrastructure would be underutilised and uneconomic. We want public infrastructureto be targeted at key destinations, where consumers need it, such as supermarkets, retail centres and car parks, with a focused amount of on-street infrastructure, particularly for residents without off-street parking.” One of the eight Plugged in Places projects currently going ahead around the country piloting the roll-out of recharging infrastructure, is in London –  further information on which is at sourcelondon.net

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Mayor’s responses to London Assembly energy and climate change questions

23 March 2011: The Mayor’s responses to London Assembly energy and climate change questions
Questions included the Mayor’s target on decentralised energy; the Mayor’s bid to the EU ELENA programme for funding; the Mayor’s funding of environmental projects; and electric vehicle charging points.

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Mayor’s responses to London Assembly energy and climate change questions

23 February 2011: Questions included Renewable Energy use by London Underground; police stations retrofitted under the Mayor’s RE:FIT programme; comment on the Mayor’s RE:NEW programme; why some lights can’t be switched off easily at tube stations; and funding of the Mayor’s electric vehicle programme.

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Mayor’s responses to London Assembly energy and climate change questions

26 January 2011: Questions included funding of the Mayor’s electric vehicle programme; comment by the Mayor on the removal by  government of national indicator targets; building energy efficiency standards; funding of the Mayor’s Low Carbon Zone programme; funding of the Mayor’s climate change funding programmes; and Southwark’s Decent Homes programme.

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