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DSR project in Hillingdon

March 2016: EDIE reports that “Building materials supplier Hanson UK is pioneering a demand-side response approach to energy management, with the technology being rolled out to 29 of the company’s quarries across the country” including Hanson’s West Drayton Asphalt Plant in the London Borough of Hillingdon.

“The London-based firm, which employs around 3,500 people, has partnered with demand-response aggregator Open Energi to install the ‘Dynamic Demand’ system at 14 of its sites, with another 15 installations planned through a phased rollout.

“Using the demand side response technology, tanks and pumps used to dewater Hanson’s quarries will be able to reduce their energy consumption when UK energy demand exceeds supply, and increase consumption when supply exceeds demand.”

Further information can be read on Open Energi’s website.

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