New resource pack helps communities deliver energy projects

28 April 2011: The Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) PlanLoCaL resource pack is now available. PlanLoCaL is a three-year CSE project which aims to help communities engage positively with their local planning system and contribute to a low-carbon future. Designed for campaigners and local volunteers who want to set up a renewable energy project within their communities, the resource pack contains information necessary for getting a project off the ground. Further information is available at the PlanLoCaL website. The pack also contains two DVDs which feature a series of short films on subjects such as:

  • Introducing different renewable technologies
  • Helping decide which technology is best for you
  • Case studies about various projects
  • A rough guide to managing a project
  • Consulting with the community
  • Helping your group become legally recognised
  • Dealing with the planning system
  • Looking at ways to fund your project
  • The future and re-investing your profits

These films are also viewable via and YouTube (

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