London’s buses now meet ULEZ emissions standards across the entire city

14 January 2021: TfL press release announcing that “All buses in TfL’s 9,000-strong bus fleet now meet or exceed the cleanest Euro VI emissions standards. This is a major milestone in tackling toxic air pollution in the capital. This has significantly reduced the contribution from TfL buses to transport-related NOx emissions, with the proportion of transport nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions coming from TfL’s buses reducing from 15% to just four per cent.”

The release goes on to say that ” More than 400 all-electric buses have been introduced – including the UK’s first full routes of electric double decker buses – and around 300 additional zero-emission buses are expected to join the fleet by the end of this year. TfL continues to roll out electric buses, with routes including 106, C10 and P5 converting last year, and there are plans for 2,000 all-electric buses to be in operation by 2025.”

Further information on London’s plans for cleaner buses can be seen in the Mayor’s London Transport Strategy.

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