‘London 2012: ‘Lack of energy saving plan’ criticised’

9 February 2012:  A BBC story has reported that: “London 2012 organisers still do not have an energy-saving strategy despite a pledge to make it one of the greenest Olympics, a watchdog has said. It missed its target to source 20% of energy from renewables and now a bid to cut CO2 emissions through energy conservation instead may not be met.
The Commission for a Sustainable London (CSL) 2012 said these issues needed to be addressed urgently.” Read the full BBC story here.

The CSL’s report ‘Sustainable Games Preparations review’, which can be downloaded here, makes two key recommendations in relation to energy:

That LOCOG produce an energy management and conservation plan demonstrating how it willreduce carbon emissions by at least the amount that would have been avoided through therenewable energy target, in sufficient time for its recommendations to be implemented.

That LOCOG calculates the carbon that would have been saved through the renewable energytarget and demonstrates how this carbon will be saved through reducing Games time energy use.

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