May 2012: The first of  three 2 MW Combined Heat and Power (CHP) engines  for the 67 acre King’s Cross Central development has been installed at the on-site energy centre. In total the CHP capacity when finally installed will supply 100% of the development’s heat and offset almost 80% of its electrical power demand. The news release sets out that “Once commissioned, the CHP engine will not only generate electricity, which will be fed into the grid network, but will also provide heat for the development wide District Heating System (DHS). All of the 70 buildings at King’s Cross, from the University of Arts to the Camden Council building, BNP Paribas Real Estate’s new offices and the Great Northern Hotel, will be connected to the DHS When complete carbon emissions are expected to be a third less than ‘business as usual’ and up to 60% less than 2001 levels.”

Further information on the energy strategy for Kings Cross central here and main energy assessment (as set out for the planning application in 2005) can be downloaded here.

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