Islington Energy Strategy 2013-2016 – February 2013 (or here)
Environmental Design SPD adopted  October 2012 – contains detailed guidance on key sustainable design topics including: Minimising energy use and carbon emissions and  Sustainable building standards;
Islington’s Regeneration and Employment Review Committee Report on the Council’s 40% Carbon Reduction by 2020 – June 2011
Archway Low Carbon Zone
Details of Islington’s Bunhill Energy Centre and Heat Network
including Decentralised Energy FAQ March 2011

Islington borough wide decentralised energy strategy April 2010
Promoting Zero Carbon Development Evidence Base September 2009
Islington Sustainable design and planning information including guides:

Islington Case Studies of Green Buildings in the Borough including interactive google map.
Islington’s Energy Doctor in the Community goes out in the community visiting schools, libraries, day care centres giving personalised advice, talks and practical workshops on how to save money by saving energy.
Islington Climate Change Partnership (ICCP) including the ICCP baseline study (March 2007)
Fuel poverty – report of the Regeneration Review Committee (September 2007)

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