Greater London Authority

The Mayor’s Climate Change Mitigation and Energy Annual Report – March 2014
Mayor’s response to the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s consultation on a redefinition of fuel poverty – December 2012
London Environment Dashboard
London Renewable Energy Study – January 2012
London Climate Change Mitigation and Energy Strategy –  October 2011
London Climate Change Adaptation Strategy – October 2011
Decentralised Energy pages
Consultation on London’s Housing Strategy – September 2011
The London Plan: London’s Spatial Strategy – July 2011
London’s Assembly’s Response to the Mayor’s Draft Climate Mitigation and Energy Strategy – March 2011
Mayor’s Draft Municipal Waste Strategy – October 2010
Mayor’s Draft Climate Change Mitigation and Energy Strategy’ – October 2010
Climate Change chapter of the Mayor’s Transport Strategy – May 2010
London Assembly Environment Reports

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  1. Anna Hughes says:

    Lots of the links on this page don’t work. Looks like councils don’t care about climate change any more…

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