GLA project – The Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation

12 November 2012: Details of a second project (see details of the first project here) being initiated by the GLA in relation to the forthcoming start of the Green Deal and ECO. The approval form sets out that “this project will share best practice and gain commitment at a senior level in London boroughs to implement solutions to overcome barriers to effective delivery of Green Deal and the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) in London. Barriers include planning permission for solid wall insulation and accessing borough data to target energy efficiency works.

The borough barriers that this project will seek to address include:

  • Reducing or streamlining administrative requirements around accessing parking permits for energy efficiency installers
  • Accessing housing and benefits data held by London boroughs and use this to target households eligible for energy efficiency measures (including addressing data protection issues)
  • Ensuring that the planning system can respond to the delivery of external solid wall insulation and identifies criteria for assessing where external solid wall insulation is and is not appropriate
  • Ensuring the delivery of appropriately designed energy efficiency works in communal areas of buildings.
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