Further Details on the Roll out of CESP in London

28 September 2011: Ofgem’s recent Community Energy Saving Programme (CESP) Update newsletter provided only limited detail in relation to the progress energy companies are making in rolling out efficiency measures in areas of low income, a key requirement of the CESP targets. CESP, which is funded by an obligation on energy suppliers and electricity generators, is expected to deliver up to £350m of efficiency measures by December 2012, the programme’s termination date.

Ofgem have now provided Energy for London some additional information to help better understand the progress of CESP in the capital.

The Update newsletter mentioned that 9 CESP schemes have been proposed in London, out of a total of 201 proposed schemes across the UK.

  • Ofgem have now confirmed that, to date, only two London schemes have been approved, in Barking and Dagenham, and in Westminster, and a further 16 have been submitted, awaiting approval.

The Update newsletter highlighted that 1047 energy efficiency measures were installed in 751 dwellings. Ofgem have provided to Energy for London a breakdown of theses 1047 energy efficiency measures as at 30 June 2011:

  • Cavity wall insulation – 198
  • External solid wall insulation – 342
  • Glazing – 18
  • Replacement boiler – 78
  • Heating controls – 197
  • Fuel switch – 119
  • Solar PV – 95
  • Total – 1047

DECC’s ‘Areas of Low Income’ document sets out that a total of 795 areas are  identified as qualifying areas for CESP out of a total of 3248 in England: that is 25 per cent of the eligible areas for the programme in England are in London.

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