Number of Fuel Poor Children In London

March 2013: New analysis undertaken for the Energy Bill Revolution by the Association of Conservation of Energy (ACE)provides a snapshot of families and (dependent) children in fuel poverty at the start of this year. It provides high-level estimates for the UK, England and the Devolved Nations. It then goes on to explore the nature and composition of fuel poverty amongst families and children, specifically in England.”

London of course has a high use of private rented sector accommodation and the research sets out that ” As with overall fuel poverty, children who live in privately rented accommodation are worst hit. By tenure, the proportion of children in fuel poverty is presented in Table 4.

“In 2010, average annual housing costs for families with dependent children in England – whom we consider to be in fuel poverty today, were:

  • Local authority housing: £3,800
  • Housing associations: £4,200
  • Owner occupiers: £4,500
  • Private rental: £7,400

This only hints at the additional difficulties faced by fuel poor families who are renting their accommodation privately, and provides a clear impetus for where resources to tackle fuel poverty needs to be prioritised.”

The report calculates that some 174,000 children – or 8.7% of children in London – are deemed to be fuel poor – illustrated below. Much more of interest to be viewed in the report.

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