Enfield Gasification Scheme

21 November 2011: An update on Irish developer Kedco’s plans to develop a biomass gasification scheme in Enfield which it believes have become more positive as a result of the recent proposed changes to the renewable obligation

The project received planning permission in October 2010 to build a c. £45 million biomass wood gasification plant in Enfield capable of generating 12MW of electricity and 10MW of heat and – as the article linked above explains – has secured a supply deal with a company processing waste wood from construction and demolition. Kedco report that tenders currently being prepared to source a suitable contractor for the proposed construction of the plant.  Details submitted at the time of application in relation to a ‘heat output assessment’ for the facility can be viewed here and para 6.3.1 onwards  of the planning officer’s report (report also here) on the application provide details of the scheme’s proposals to export heat to some nearby sites.

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