Energy Consumption in London’s Homes

29 July 2011: DECC’s latest¬†Energy Consumption in the UK release includes data and factsheets on the use of energy in the ¬†industrial, transport, domestic and service sectors. Some of the findings from the domestic sector factsheet include:

  • In 2010 domestic consumption was 32 per cent of total UK final energy consumption
  • The majority of energy consumed in the domestic sector is for spacing heating which in 2009 represented 61 per cent of total domestic consumption.
  • Water heating and lighting appliances accounted for a further 18 per cent each with cooking accounting for a further 3 per cent
  • Electricity consumption for lighting purposes represented 33 per cent of electricity consumption by household domestic appliances, followed by cooking (32 per cent) and cold appliances (14 per cent)

No other official data providing a breakdown to this level of energy consumption in homes exists. No regional breakdown is provided or breakdown by dwelling type, hence this is the best available dataset to use in relation to energy consumption in Londoners’ homes. See the following Ofgem factsheet for information on typical total domestic energy consumption.


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