Energy and Climate questions to the Mayor

September 2012: This month the Mayor has been asked questions in relation to:an update on the evaluation of Mayor’s domestic energy efficiency programme RE:NEW;  the source of the new cable car energy supply;  the promotion of sustainable biofuels in London and the impact of biofuels as a result of the Government’s proposed changes to the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation including those schemes using recycled catering oil;  the Government’s proposed changes to the support for Anaerobic Digestion in the Renewables Obligation and it’s consequent impact on delivering such schemes, including those supported by the London Waste and Recycling Board (LWaRB);  the number of companies which have signed up to the Mayor’s Green 500 programme; the number of ‘green jobs’ secured under the Mayor’s RE:NEW and RE:FIT programmes; the growth in low carbon goods and services in London; whether the GLA Group procurement strategy has helped create good environmental management and practices; an update on the ‘Prospectus for London the Low Carbon Capital”’ study; details of EU JESSICA funding to London; potential skills shortages as we move to a low carbon economy in London; an update on the Mayor’s Retrofit Academy programme; building ‘carbon thinking’ amongst London’s businesses; promoting low carbon requirements in major developments; an update on LWaRB anaerobic digestion plants supported in London; Pinkham Way waste processing plant; problems association with AD projects failing; changes to support the uptake of AD; the number of buildings treated under the Mayor’s RE:FIT programme;

Previous questions to the Mayor can be found here.

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