City Hall Fuel Poverty and Energy Efficiency session

5 November 2012: The London Assembly Health and Environment Committee are to hold a discussion session with a number of invited guests at 10am on Thursday 8 November at City Hall. Members of the public are able to attend these meetings. Amongst a range of issues, the meeting will consider the outputs of the Committee’s inquiry into fuel poverty carried out in 2011/12 and published in March of this year – In From the Cold.

Full details of the Commitee’s meeting are posted here, including a discussion paper for the session, which sets out that issues under consideration will include how:

  • The GLA should establish criteria for areas to be selected for the next tranche of RE:NEW funding. This extension of the programme should prioritise households likely to be in severe fuel poverty.
  • The GLA should in consultation with the energy companies and local authorities, develop an affordable warmth strategy for London.

A number of expert guests and stakeholders have been invited to participate in the discussion, including:

  • Richard Blakeway, Deputy Mayor for Housing, Land and Property, and officers from the GLA;
  • Amy Ingham, Fuel Poverty and Smart Meters team, Department for Energy and Climate Change;
  • Jo Gill, Energy Efficiency Co-ordinator, LB Hillingdon and Vice-Chair of the inter-borough London Carbon Action Network;
  • Christine Tate, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, and Kelly Greer, Energy Solutions Manager, British Gas; and
  • A representative from EDF Energy.
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One Response to City Hall Fuel Poverty and Energy Efficiency session

  1. Ryan says:

    Thank you for posting this interesting article. This definitely sounds like a worthwhile discussion to have at the City Hall meeting. I had an opportunity to read a bit about the Green Deal, and it really sounds like a great way to get more people to start focusing on energy efficiency. It’s even better to see the GLA teaming up with local authorities and energy companies to work on a plan together. Energy efficient home improvements, including insulation, roofing, and replacement windows, can have a significant impact on heating and cooling bills. The combined efforts of all these groups and individuals will certainly serve as a huge step in the direction of global energy efficiency. Thanks again for the intriguing post!

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