Camden Sustainability Plan Update

5 December 2011: A report to Camden’s Culture and Environment Scrutiny Committee providing a six month update on progress in delivering Green Action for Change, LB Camden’s environmental sustainability plan (2011-2020), which was adopted by Cabinet on 6th April. The update covers the period from April to September 2011. Points to note include:

  • With respect to the forthcoming Green Deal the report states that “Further to thepan-North London study Camden participated in earlier this year, which looked broadly at the potential role boroughs could play in the Green Deal, we await these technical details before we can fully assess the role Camden might play within the scheme.”
  • The Camden Climate Change Alliance moves from strength to strength,overseen be a highly engaged Advisory Board. The Alliance’s membershipgrew from 125 to 172 (38% increase) from Nov 2010 to Nov 2011 and theAlliance is on track to meet its 10% reduction target by end 2012. An estimated 7.8% decrease in carbon emissions was achieved from 2008/9 to2010/11.
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