‘Agreement struck to prepare communities for climate change’

May 2012: Defra report that “Homes, roads and parks could all be better protected from the effects of climate change after an agreement was struck between ministers and local government.
An agreement between Defra, the Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG) and the Local Government Association (LGA) called for vital public services to be better protected and emergency planning and social care made more resilient after signing a joint statement showing their commitment to adapt the country to climate change.
The agreement was reached at a Climate Summit hosted by the LGA in response to the impacts identified in the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 2012, published earlier this year.”

The agreement states that “Councils have a critical role to play in working with partners and communities to plan and ensure the UK is better prepared and resilient to climate change” and that potential activities include:

  • planning for the long term by reflecting climate risks and sustainable development in Local Plans
  • increasing organisational resilience to extreme weather by building climate change risks into corporate risk registers

Read the Defra press release and the full commitment by the LGA, CLG and Defra here.

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