82% of Londoners are concerned about climate change

19 November 2020: London Councils have published the results of a survey to to gauge Londoners’ understanding of climate change and the effect it has on their lives. The poll findings were launched at London Climate Action Week (14 – 20 November) and follow the adoption of net zero emission targets for the majority of London boroughs.

Some headline results below:

  • 82% of Londoners are concerned about climate change, with 40% describing themselves as very concerned.
  • 57% of Londoners say their level of concern has increased in the last 12 months
  • Climate denial is close to non-existent. 2% of Londoners don’t believe in climate change.
  • 87% of Londoners are motivated to help prevent climate change
  • 59% of Londoners said climate change affects their decision making
  • Almost half of Londoners (46%) consider the climate when making day-to-day purchases

Some really interesting results and should give pause for thoughts for many organisations, from local authorities to the private sector, in their decision-making processes. Much more info in the news release on the London Councils website.

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