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Estimating the Potential of Energy Efficiency Jobs in London

16 March 2011: The Energy Saving Trust (EST) have just published Home Truths (press release and report) highlighting the significant economic benefits that can be delivered by supporting aggressive energy efficiency programmes.  These include initiatives such as insulating all remaining fillable lofts and cavities and replacing all G rated gas boilers with modern condensing boilers and heating controls. The report calculates the projected economic benefit of tackling the problem at three levels of ambition (L1: Lofts and cavity walls, L2: Insulation plus boiler replacement and L3: Advanced refurbishment), and breaks these figures down by region. The London estimates range from L1: 12,500 jobs and a GVA of £563m to L2: 17,800 jobs and £836m GVA. EST state that L3 regional figures are not estimated as yet.

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Haringey backing Climate Week

16 March 2011: Update on  climate change initiatives being taken forward in Haringey detailed here.

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A study of photovoltaics in an urban setting

15 March 2011: Abstract of a paper from research being conducted at London South Bank University’s Centre for Efficient and Renewable Energy in Buildings (CEREB) highlighting what happens when PV’s suffer from over-shading.

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HCA provides FIT advice

15 March 2011: The Homes and Communities Agency has today issued a statement to its Investment Partners to explain how the Feed In Tariff (FIT) relates to schemes that have received HCA funding, clarifying issues about State Aid rules on ‘double public subsidy’ . Where an Investment Partner has been awarded funding through the National Affordable Housing Programme, or any other from of public subsidy, they will need to demonstrate that this funding has not been used to pay for installations for which Feed In Tariff is then sought.

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Low Carbon Buildings Programme Funding statistics

March 2011:LCBP Stream 1- Householder Committed Grants
Statistics on the Householder stream of the Low Carbon Buildings Programme including the number of grants committed and paid by country and region.

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Renewable energy in your local area, an opportunity not a threat!

14 March 2011: Series of useful presentations from a conference organised by the Local Government Association (LGA) focussing on how local authorities can explore opportunities to start energy generation projects.

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DECC regional energy consumption data

March 2011DECC regional energy consumption data
DECC have just produced the following datasets at regional and local authority level: These very useful datasets include:
Gas consumption data
Electricity consumption data
Road transport energy consumption
Other fuels consumption
Total final energy consumption

And Below local authority level include:
Domestic and non-domestic gas and electricity estimates (MLSOA/IGZ)
Domestic only gas and electricity estimates (LLSOA)
The next DECC update at local authority area will be in December 2011.


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Energy Price Data

March 2011: DECC’s publication,Quarterly Energy Prices, provides detailed information, geographically broken down (including for London), for gas and electricity prices.

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DECC – LGA Memorandum of Understanding

9 March 2011: The MoU sets out how DECC and the Local Government (LG) Group will work together to help and encourage all councils to take firm action to reduce carbon emissions

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9 March 2011:Chris Huhne, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, and Councillor Richard Kemp, Vice-Chair of the Local Government Association, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) designed to recognise the pivotal role that local councils have in tackling climate change. Download the MOU from DECC’s website here.

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Greenwich Climate Change Strategy Published

8 March 2011Greenwich Council’s climate change strategy was launched today which includes a detailed action plan with initiatives ranging from reviewing the potential for a borough-wide heat/CHP network, strong support for a range of renewable technologies, installation of smart meters, regular energy audits amongst many other well thought out proposals.

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Islington Tender for DE scheme

4 March 2011: Islington Council invites suitable expressions of interest from suppliers to design and build a new Energy Centre with a gas engine CHP plant and a District Heating (DH) network providing a  heating supply to three existing residential estates and leisure facilities owned by Islington Council. Read more detail on the Islington tender here.

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