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EDF 4 year deal to supply electricity to Whitehall departments

August 2011“French nuclear energy giant EDF has beaten off rivals here to win Britain’s biggest electricity supply contract, worth £6.8 billion, to supply the Government for the next four years. The deal, negotiated by the Cabinet Office in just three months, involves supplying all Whitehall departments with cheap electricity from April 2012. It also provides for supplying thousands of public buildings across England and Wales, including hospitals, police stations, defence sites, London Underground and the British Museum.” From thisismoney.co.uk – click on link to read full article.

In their press release EDF Energy highlight that “As well as electricity supply, EDF Energy will provide strategic and practical sustainability advice to help Government departments use energy more efficiently and reduce emissions.”

LU is one of the largest electricity users in the UK (annual consumption of around 1TWh of electricity).  London Assembly Member Mike Tuffrey recently wrote on using the purchasing power of the London Underground electricity contract to support the greater use of renewable energy.

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The Big Switch

25 July 2011: London Assembly member Mike Tuffrey outlines his new initiative launched today to convert London’s buses, taxis and light goods vehicles to electric power by 2020.

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London housing makes reducing fuel poverty a challenge

22 June 2011: The London Assembly’s Health and Public Services Committee conducted an oral evidence session today into their inquiry on the causes and effect of fuel poverty in London. The Committee heard that insulating homes is particularly challenging in London because properties tend to be older, with solid walls and are often divided into flats. The Mayor’s current energy efficiency RE:NEW programme is helping boroughs address fuel poverty, but its funding ends next year. Further information on the committee’s fuel poverty inquiry, and also a webast of the evidence session available here.

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Mayor’s responses to London Assembly energy and climate change questions

May 2011: The Mayor’s responses to the London Assembly on energy and climate change questions questions included:

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London Needs a better Green Deal

28 May 2011: Darren Johnson, London Assembly Green Party member, argues that more needs to be done to ensure the Government’s Green Deal programme delivers a step change in improving energy efficiency measures in London’s homes.

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London’s Energy Gap

19 May 2011: London Assembly Environment Committee note – in advance of a briefing session – on the issue of future energy supplies to London (see Agenda Item 8).

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Can fuel poverty in London be eradicated by 2016?

18 May 2011: Fuel poverty affects almost a quarter of London households and is thought to be responsible for around 2,100 premature deaths a year. Is the capital on track to meet the Government’s target of eradicating the problem by 2016? What more can the Mayor and energy companies do to help? The London Assembly Health and Public Services Committee today launches a new investigation into the cost of energy and the role that suppliers and the Mayor can play in helping to reduce fuel poverty in the capital.

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Future of the London Development Agency’s Environment Work

6 April 2011: Transcript of oral evidence given to the London Assembly’s Environment Committee (agenda item 5) by the Mayor’s Advisor on the Environment which provides a useful – and detailed – update on a number of energy efficiency programmes currently being delivered by the LDA including the Green 500, RE:NEW and RE:FIT.

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Response to Mayor’s Energy Strategy

2 March 2011: London Assembly response to public consultation draft of the Mayor’s Climate Change Mitigation and Energy Strategy

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London Assembly – On leading the capital’s transition to a low carbon economy

July 2009: The London Assembly have responded to the Mayor’s Low Carbon Capital Prospectus, calling on the Mayor to show greater ambition in leading the capital’s transition to a low carbon economy. It says London low carbon must be at the heart of the Mayor’s work to support and develop the economy. The response is based on discussion with a range of experts and previous investigations into topics including home insulation and on-the-go recycling.

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