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The economic value of implementing the London Plan energy policies

February 2013: “The London Plan sets out a range of energy policies which developers are required to comply with. As well as setting CO2 reduction targets for new developments, these policies support the implementation of the Mayor’s energy hierarchy: 1) using less energy; 2) supplying energy efficiently; and 3) renewable energy. Whilst the core benefits from the implementation of these policies, for example carbon dioxide savings, are routinely monitored, the economic benefits arising from implementing these policies is not quantified.”

The Mayor is therefore commissioning work to “to estimate the projected investment and number of jobs that result from completed developments which obtained planning permission from the Mayor. The job and investment projections will be informed by collecting data from a number of approved planning applications and completed developments (e.g. via site visits) to determine the costs of implementing specific measures.” Full details on the project approval document here.

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City Hall responds on Boris’s climate change article

January 2013: Responding to the controversy over the Mayor’s recent musings on climate change, where he wrote about a potential link between extreme weather to the incidence of sun spotsdetails on all of which are set out in an earlier post – the Mayor’s environmental advisor, Matthew Pencharz,  appeared on the BBC’s London Politics show on Sunday (27 Jan) to answer questions on City Hall’s carbon reduction policies. The programme can be seen hereonly for the next 3 days however (fast forward to 51m30secs to the relevant section).

Whilst not directly addressing the Mayor’s comments on climate change and  sun spots (the ideas for which – and substantive arguments against – are set out on the excellent ‘Skeptical Science’ website here) the interview did highlight: Continue reading…

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