Home Energy Fact File 2011 Released

October 2011: DECC have just released the latest version of their comprehensive guide to energy use in homes – the Housing Energy Fact File 2011 (previously known as the Domestic Energy Fact File). The 2011 Fact File covers the period from 1970 to 2009, and aims to draw together most of the important data about energy use in homes in Great Britain. It is intended for policy-makers, researchers, and interested members of the public, and considers the relationship between domestic energy use and carbon dioxide emissions. The report provides information on all aspects of home energy use such as:

  • Carbon emissions and energy generation trends from homes
  • Household spending on energy
  • How much energy is used in homes in areas such as Space heating, Hot water, Lights, Appliances and Cooking
  • Energy efficiency (SAP) ratings
  • Use of Central heating etc.

No regional representation of the data is unfortunately provided, so issues reflecting  the very different housing mix in London (with high levels of: flatted accommodation, solid wall dwellings and  privately rented homes etc.) and its relation to energy consumption are not unfortunately covered.

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